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TERSUS Clean: superior environmental, social & financial performance


TERSUS (latin): clean

TERSUS is a waterless, closed-loop textile cleaning solution. Using recycled liquid carbon dioxide, TERSUS cleans & decontaminates technical textiles & garments. TERSUS restores performance, extends garment life, and gives second life to existing gear. 

Rethink clean. 


We deliver maximum environmental, social & financial impact in the global textile supply chain by eliminating water use in textile production & cleaning.

Quite simply, processing textiles and apparel requires huge amounts of energy and water – and both are in crisis.
— Rose Marcario, CEO Patagonia

TERSUS Clean from fiber to the atmosphere

TERSUS is an integrated solution consisting of patented hardware, proprietary chemistry and software. The closed-loop system provides unrivaled cleanliness for both apparel and the environment. 

TERSUS addresses fundamental problems in the textile industry, such as garment degradation in the drying process, high water use and energy costs in markets including industrial laundry, brand apparel, the military, and upstream fiber & fabric manufacturing. Learn more about our target applications or contact us to discuss. 

TERSUS Solutions Feasibility Studies

Let us help you strategize a TERSUS deployment in your operations.