Extending apparel life, increasing value

TERSUS offers a solution to key challenges in the industrial laundry industry -- difficulty cleaning high-value garments, short garment life for corporate workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE), and issues with effluent waste generation. To date, industrial laundry service providers have been limited to water- and solvent-based cleaning. Now TERSUS deploys an effective alternative. 

TERSUS offers high-performance cleaning for high-performance workwear. 

TERSUS Clean for Workwear

TERSUS introduces a new level of clean to the existing operations of our global partners in a way that enables them to provide a broader range of services, increase garment life, and expand operations with a lower environmental footprint. TERSUS Clean increases competitiveness. 



Superior Cleaning

In a study cleaning oil field workwear, TERSUS removed 98% of oily contaminates while water only removed 58% of contaminants. Thousands of cycles and third-party testing validate the TERSUS cleaning power for particulate & odor removal, and decontamination. 

Contact us to learn more about specific test results.  


Garment Restoration

TERSUS's gentle cleaning ensures that apparel performance, size, and color do not degrade by mechanical action or excessive heat. In a 1,000 cycle test, TERSUS demonstrated substantially less pilling (fiber degradation) while maintaining the following: 

  • Color
  • Size
  • Retro-reflectivity
  • Performance coatings (e.g. DWR, flame retardant, oil repellant)

TERSUS multi-chemistry cycles can re-apply technical coatings to high-performance apparel, such as TERSUS durable water repellant or TERSUS Omni-Shield chemistry in a single cleaning cycle. TERSUS can add up to 5 chemistries per cycle.  

Contact us to learn more about the quantifiable financial impact of extending garment life. 


Supply chain & logistics simplicity

TERSUS seamlessly integrates with existing operations and enables companies to expand operations incrementally, anywhere in the world. TERSUS can work where company resources or natural resource scarcity may limit operations. 

We can design a TERSUS deployment to fit your existing operations.