Quite simply, processing textiles and apparel requires huge amounts of energy and water - and both are in crisis.
— Rose Marcario - CEO Patagonia

TERSUS is a water-less, closed-loop textile cleaning solution. Using recycled liquid carbon dioxide, TERSUS cleans & decontaminates technical textiles & garments. Click here to learn more

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Who We Serve



Industrial Wipes

Cleanroom Uniforms

“This innovative washing process underlines how important we think it is to make the work of
people in certain occupations healthier, by cleaning their clothes sustainably and with respect for
the environment.”
— Alain van Lidth de Jeude -- CEO of Initial Benelux




Fire Turnout Gear

TERSUS allows us to ensure soldiers are more comfortable in their gear while serving in the field. Before TERSUS technical pieces were cleaned infrequently to preserve their functionality and longevity. TERSUS lets us clean them and prolong their useful life.
— U.S. Navy Southwest Regional Energy Manager


Lifestyle Apparel

Renewed Apparel

Up-cycled Textiles

TERSUS helped us build a Circular Economy business that embodies our respect for natural capital. Without TERSUS, we would be using more water & energy than we should. With TERSUS, we preserve our community resources.
— Nicole Bassett - Founder/CEO The Renewal Workshop