How long will your apparel last? 


The textile industry is the second largest water-polluting industry in the global economy. Apparel manufacturing & cleaning requires substantial chemical and energy inputs. 

The TERSUS Solution -- a water-free and dryer-free cleaning technology -- uses liquid carbon dioxide to deliver better performing garments produced through cleaner supply chains. TERSUS delivers apparel performance over a longer lifetime, with greater value to businesses and communities.

This is TERSUS Clean. 


An integrated solution

An integrated solution, elegantly designed to harness the cleaning power of liquid carbon dioxide. 


The patented TERSUS hardware delivers unrivaled durability and simplicity for operations and maintenance. The system is defined by unique features not found on other LCO2 hardware.

  • High-efficiency components

  • Continuous filtration

  • Closed-loop waste capture

  • Four basket styles

Four basket styles complement different operating environments and apparel types. 


In textile processing, water and liquid carbon dioxide alike require chemistry to achieve different fabric and apparel products. The TERSUS development team creates unique chemistries optimized for LCO2 processing. 

  • Dosed by product type & cycle parameters

  • Multiple chemistry options per cycle

  • Packaged & delivered through TERSUS-as-a-Service (TaaS)

  • Environmentally-friendly products available -- ZDHC Manufacturers Restricted Substance List compliant


TERSUS proprietary software manages customized cycles for different apparel products. This customizes the cycle times, chemistry injection, mechanical action to achieve the desired outcome. 

TERSUS software tracks key operating variables to produce a management report that is actionable for operators.