Technical textiles 

The demands of the playing in the outdoors or protecting communities requires unique technical gear. Whatever the technical features - water resistance, flame resistance, ballistic protection - the quality of the manufacturing and maintenance of the gear is essential to the success of one's endeavors. The care of gear is also essential to individual health and well-being. 

Many items essential to industrial work, including fire turnout gear, kevlar vests, or oil and gas uniforms are currently cleaned in water. Only a few cycles in water-based cleaning degrades the technical functionality of these items, if they can be cleaned in water at all. Water compromises the mission and the health of the wearer. 

TERSUS is the only technically- and economically-viable alternative to water-based textile wet processing. The TERSUS Solution is optimized to perform a wide variety of wet processing steps for technical textiles, and maintain the integrity of fibers, extend the life of gear, and reduce resource use. 

Brand Apparel



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TERSUS uses liquid carbon dioxide to provide a superior manufacturing and cleaning platform for technical textiles. By harnessing the unique properties of liquid carbon dioxide, TERSUS enhances the technical features of outdoor apparel, industrial garments, personal protective gear, and military uniforms/equipment. 

The TERSUS team works with industry leaders to design, develop, and test additional application-specific processes and chemistries for textiles and garments. Our team provides on-the-ground assistance to optimize existing operations or assist with the build-out of additional processing capacity using the TERSUS Solution. The team brings years of experience in carbon dioxide research and process improvement. 


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Brand Apparel

sustainable apparel manufacturing platform

Textiles are deeply woven into our lives. They shield us from natural elements, communicate our personalities, and clothe our heroes. Textiles tell stories about individuals' adventures, showcase our creativity, and enable us to reach unparalleled milestones. Technical garments also tell a story about resource consumption, environmental degradation, and complex supply chains.

TERSUS is designed to enhance brand apparel garments while reducing the water, energy, and waste streams associated with garment production and care. Through the TERSUS coating, finishing, and cleaning processes the functionality of outdoor gear is enhanced due to the unique properties of the liquid carbon dioxide solvent. 

Industrial garments

The key innovation for reducing costs & growing your business

Millions of people rely on clean garments and gear provided by industrial garment service companies to comply with uniform standards and job-related health & safety rules. Many of these garments are difficult to care for, meaning garments require cumbersome processing and have a short useful life. 

TERSUS is the only alternative to water-based processing that can clean technical gear when water fails. Furthermore, TERSUS is the only processing solution that can restore technical functionality and extend the life of industrial garments. When that is combined with the smaller footprint of TERSUS processing facilities and reduced utility consumption, TERSUS unlocks unrealized cost savings.

In your existing facilities, TERSUS enables:

  • Incremental expansion of operations
  • Addition of new product lines (delicate wears, bio-hazardous uniforms, military)
  • Extension of uniform & gear useful life


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keeping servicemen/women safer & more comfortable in the field

The garments and gear used by our military ensure the safety and comfort of servicemen and women around the world using the most advanced technical functionality possible. These items demand the highest level of attention when cleaned and maintained; water is insufficient for maintaining much of the gear used in the field. 

TERSUS has the ability to maintain and restore technical gear (e.g. uniforms, sleep systems) to the highest level of working order, extending the useful life of gear and ensuring the comfort of soldiers.