TERSUS deploys Europe's first water-free laundry service

Initial and TERSUS Solutions partner to deliver a unique water-free laundry program, the first of its kind in the EUR 11 billon European industrial laundry market. The patented, closed-loop, TERSUS Barrier System cleans high-value corporate workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) using liquid carbon dioxide instead of water. The new cleaning service will extend the life of rental workwear and increase worker health and safety, while taking an important step toward a more resource-responsible circular economy for textiles in Europe. 

Delivering safer garments with a longer useful life

Water-based cleaning has dominated textile manufacturing and maintenance for centuries despite some of its limitations for maintaining workwear. The fibers of high-value workwear degrade via aggressive mechanical action, harsh chemistry, and high temperatures associated with traditional cleaning and drying. TERSUS introduces a specialty solution that produces unparalleled cleanliness and decontamination for high-value workwear. Distinct from water, TERSUS uses no heat and gentler mechanical action to reduce garment degradation, and ensure worker health. 

TERSUS combines the natural properties of liquid carbon dioxide with patented hardware to improve the durability of PPE and corporate workwear. In TERSUS testing involving oil field workwear, TERSUS removed 98% of oily contaminants, while water only removed 58%. The closed-loop TERSUS Barrier System delivers unrivaled levels of cleanliness in the fabrics and the facilities where they are cleaned. 

Regulators in Europe and the United States are increasingly concerned about workers safety resulting from contaminants encountered during hazardous work assignments, including fire fighting. Without appropriate and timely cleaning, workers are at risk of secondary exposure to contaminants via their workwear. 

"This innovative washing process underlines how important we think it is to make the work of people in certain occupations healthier, by cleaning their clothes sustainably and with respect for the environment." -- Alain van Lidth de Jeude (CEO Initial Benelux)

TERSUS begins unlocking the circular economy for textiles

Initial's rental workwear model is a prime example of existing circular economy models for textiles. This model improves resource use in the apparel industry. TERSUS introduces a complementary innovation, consistent with circular economy principles, increasing the durability of apparel while using no water, less energy, less chemistry, and creating no effluent waste. The TERSUS water-free cleaning solution can guarantee fiber integrity, color fastness, and technical functionality while reducing the environmental impact of laundry. 

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