Partnering to build the Circular Economy

80% of the $3.2 trillion worth of materials used in consumer goods each year are not recovered. 
14 million tons of apparel goes to landfill each year. - The Renewal Workshop 

A new model for brand apparel

With all the creativity and resource embedded in creating textiles, why is the ost common solution for defective apparel to landfill them? 

Now there's another solution from our newest partner The Renewal Workshop! Seeking to reduce textile waste in the apparel sector, The Renewal Workshop will clean and restore apparel in a new factory in Cascade Locks, Oregon. #RenewedinAmerica

Alongside The Renewal Workshop, we're hoping to change what customers know about apparel care and garment life. This is the beginning of that effort. Want to hear more perspective on the financial implications of apparel cleanliness? Read our past blog on Building a Profitable Circular Economy

Real Apparel Innovation

What does it take to tackle the challenges facing the apparel industry? Time, creativity, and confidence are the keys to the future of apparel. 

Time -- necessary for building partnerships that deliver meaningful change. 

Creativity -- to think outside the box, consider alternatives, and shoulder shared risks. 

Confidence -- nurtured by thoughtful design and extensive testing. 

These ingredients have built trust in the cleaning power of TERSUS. Our partners trust TERSUS to restore fire fighter turnout garments, high-end technical wear, military equipment, and now a new category of apparel - renewed apparel. We're excited to watch our partners introduce healthier products, smarter garments, and more environmentally-friendly garments using TERSUS. 

Brit GibsonComment