Asking the right questions

The year 2015 is here; this will be a breakout year for CO2Nexus.  After four years of design and development work, CO2Nexus is ready to commercialize our TERSUS Solution for waterless textile processing. Now we face new challenges in the marketplace – most notably: does the market see value in water conservation?

The TERSUS Solution is a platform borne of Colorado innovation and manufacturing. The genesis of CO2Nexus’s innovation began with asking the question “why?” – why do we use so much water to process textiles? Since first asking that question, our team’s understanding of the problem grew, fueling our motivation to design solutions for the textile industry. Understanding the scale of the problem we knew we needed help; so over the last four years we toiled and tinkered with local partners across the state – including: Colorado State University Engines & Energy Conversion Lab, CZERO, and RK Mechanical. After four years of patience and persistence, the first of many commercial TERSUS Solutions units will be shipped in February 2015. 

The work doesn’t stop here; the next step is broad market deployment. With any disruptive innovation, change requires the right combination of patience, partnerships, and persistence. While our team questions the long-term viability of water-based textile processing, certain segments do not share our interest in change. We have found key partners invested in redefining portions of the textile supply chain – interested in questioning processing with water, reducing waste streams, and opportunities to re-shore manufacturing in the United States.

We need to educate the market on the risks of water-based processing and the rewards of the carbon dioxide alternative; CO2Nexus has initiatives in place to grow this understanding. CO2Nexus chose to locate in Colorado, a state that has consistently nurtured industries with long paths to market including aerospace, bioscience, and cleantech. Likewise, the business environment in Colorado has long history of developing market-friendly approaches to conversation. The state is steeped in a history of challenging conventional market wisdom and finding synergy between industries seemingly competing industries; the catalyst of this is asking the right questions. 

Will the textile industry ever value water conservation? Here at CO2Nexus we don’t worry too much about that question because the TERSUS Solution is first and foremost a textile processing innovation – a way to improve textile performance, to reduce operating time, cut costs, and ultimately a way to reduce business risk. Water conservation is an important part of the benefits of the TERSUS Solution but our success does not ride on selling conservation alone. The TERSUS Solution will catalyze new services and new business models in the textile sector, increasing value for companies and their customers.

At CO2Nexus, we believe that business can create shared value between the marketplace and society by thinking outside the box, and asking the right questions. To date, few have questioned why we only use water to manufacture and maintain textiles. This is the core of our vision – to ask how we can improve business and society through more thoughtful process design. So our innovation also comes from asking the question – “can we improve textiles with a different process?”. The answer is: yes; and we’d like to prove that to you.

So now we will put the question to you - do you want to improve textile processing?

We would like to give you a look at the operations and benefits of the TERSUS Solution. From January 27th to February 6th, we’re scheduling custom demonstrations of our carbon dioxide-based textile-processing platform. During a demonstration, we will share with you our vision for improving textiles using fewer natural resources.

Anyone who manufacturers or maintains textiles, we invite you to come see our vision for textile processing innovation.  

Please contact Brit Gibson at to schedule a demonstration.