The lightbulb moment

Our aim: grow global awareness of solutions to resolve water scarcity & water quality issues in the textile industry. 

While we continue to work on our textile manufacturing innovations, TERSUS market engagement efforts are growing with the aim to create the "lightbulb moment" for more potential partners. We recently participated in several high-profile events in California and Colorado in support of business innovation for Western U.S. water issues. Joining government, private industry, and non-profits, TERSUS participated in discussions about the challenges and opportunities to advancing water-saving technologies. 

In the fall, our team will head to India to participate in the Textile Exchange Conference to discuss the Circular Life of Textiles, and strategies for reducing water consumption in every stage of the garment lifecycle. 

As we work to drive forward the market for water stewardship using business innovation, we continue to confront commercialization challenges. Until more organizations and individuals experience the lightbulb moment about water we will continue to face substantial barriers to meaningful water stewardship. Some leaders across the United States are now stepping up to provide the resources and drivers needed to change the relationship between textiles and water. 

TERSUS Water Stewardship in California

In early July, TERSUS participated in The 2015 Summit on Water Technology & the California Drought explored existing and upcoming technologies that can be deployed to strengthen California's drought resiliency. Hosted by the California state government, organizations discussed technologies and strategies for commercializing technologies across all sectors of California's economy. 

TERSUS stood alone at this event as the only technology that completely displaces water, in appropriate applications. the TERSUS team exhibited our Military Solution for maintaining and restoring military gear. In Q4 2015 our program with the U.S. Navy and the California Energy Commission begins in order to assess the potential to save water, energy, and extend the life of high-tech gear. Our goals include reducing resource use and reducing textile/gear waste. The project represents the only Federal government project in California aimed at broadly reducing water consumption. We hope more will follow in the months to come. 

The event also highlighted critical challenges to commercializing water technologies. Currently, the price of water does not adequately reflect its value to both communities and industry. This not only discourages conservation but impedes the broader deployment of important water-saving technologies. Until organizations have adequate price signals for water, society will not be able to redefine the relationship between textiles and water. More work is needed to sync markets with the real value of water, and other natural capital. 

How much will you pay? 

This graph suggests that the price of water should be incredibly high in California, given that every sector of the economy depends on the resource. But the price of water remains inadequately low to drive meaningful action on conservation. 

The time to pursue the boldest options is now - appropriate water prices, policy interventions, and other drivers to support water technologies. 

TERSUS Water Stewardship in Colorado

In mid-July, TERSUS participated in the Undivided Colorado event - a gathering of organizations interested in a fresh approach to water stewardship in Colorado. In contrast to the graphic above on California water stores, Colorado's 60% snowpack and wetter than average spring/summer gives the state a buffer against local drought. But Colorado supplies water for 18 states and Mexico, complicating resource management and allocation. As water becomes more scarce and water quality regulation a more challenging endeavor, the West needs unprecedented collaboration and leadership to sustain future economic development. 

While state lines were drawn straight in the America West, water resources follow a different path. Now is the time for business to pursue a different path too. Instead of business-as-usual, we have a unique opportunity to pursue new business models and partnerships to safeguard the economic and cultural future of the American West. 

TERSUS continues to work within Colorado and across the West to craft innovative solutions for water stewardship. Contact us to get involved with efforts to protect Colorado's water resources. 

Gathering with business leaders in Colorado, TERSUS participated in a discussion about the Colorado Water Plan hosted by Something Independent, Battery 621, and a host of representatives from industries including outdoor recreation, law, textiles, and brewing

This was the first of many discussions before the deadline to comment on the latest draft of the Colorado Water Plan - September 17, 2015. 

Please take the time to comment!

Our next stop is India. This fall the TERSUS team will travel to Mumbai, India to present at the Textile Exchange Conference. We look forward to the opportunity to learn more about that market, the water challenges ahead, and sit down with solutions-oriented organizations to craft meaningful solutions. 

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