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Closing the Loop in Textile Circularity

The world of fast fashion has long depended on massive quantities of readily accessible resources and materials to turn fabric into works of wearable art. The results are appealing, but far from sustainable.

Where fast fashion falls short is its ability to give those same fabrics and garments a second chance at life when they’re no longer needed. The production process that drives fast fashion forward tends to be exclusively results-focused, often overshadowing any thought for environmental wellness.



At Tersus Solutions, we see things differently. We don’t believe that fashion and massive contributions to landfills have to go hand-in-hand.

Instead, we offer customers a full suite of sustainable services that effectively close a long-ignored loop in textile circularity. We’ve discovered strategies that keep apparel in action well beyond the original production date.

We do this through the use of meticulous cleaning standards, repair techniques, and renewable practices. These combined efforts mean we’re able to give every garment that comes our way a new purpose and story.



Successfully closing the loop in textile circularity means viewing the lifecycle of a garment through a new lens. Far too often, textiles are seen as existing on a linear platform with a clear beginning and endpoint. At Tersus Solutions, our work begins where most assume a garment’s life ends. We take time to make improvements that allow us to circle back around to the beginning. In this way, we revive a garment that would otherwise end up in the trash.



Creating a culture of textile circularity isn’t a one-size-fits-all effort. It takes a variety of processes paired with a healthy dose of creativity to work. At Tersus Solutions, we’re committed to every part of the process. The consumers and brands we work with are often thrilled by the versatility of the services we offer.


Not only do our transformational solutions work, but it feels great knowing huge strides are being made towards setting a new, more responsible standard in the world of fashion. Clothing that comes our way is meticulously sorted according to brand standards. Once quality grades are in place, fabrics can then be carefully cleaned, repaired, or revived as needed.


Our CO2 liquid cleaning process is eco-friendly and waterless. It keeps fabric particles out of waterways and provides superior results that extend the life of fabrics. Sometimes, all a garment needs to be worthy of resale is the right repairs. Our team specializes in making the adjustments needed so brands can successfully get inventory back out on the showroom floor. When decommissioned garments come our way, we can easily recycle or upcycle used materials into entirely new designs! In this way, creativity plays a major role in defining sustainable clothing.



Whether we’re processing inventory, designing new apparel using well-loved fabrics, or sending refurbished pieces back to stores in like-new condition, we do it in the name of a circular economy. Is this approach different? Yes. It’s also exponentially better for the planet we all depend on and we’re thrilled to be a part of this exciting future!

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