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Elevating Sustainable Fashion Through Recommerce as a Service

At Tersus Solutions, circular shopping isn’t just an abstract concept. For us, it’s a way of life! The importance of participating in sustainable fashion practices is more relevant than ever before. Our team stands firmly on a foundation of sustainable services designed to keep clothing out of landfills.


We’re just as proud to partner with innovative leaders in the textile world to close the loop for their brand’s textile circularity goals. We regularly sort, clean, repair, upcycle, debrand, and recycle garments that come our way. The goal is to give them a second chance at life in the closets of mindful consumers. Our recommerce (reverse commerce) program plays a vital role in sustainable fashion practices within our suite of services. Recommerce as a service is a highly successful strategy and is carried out for our brand partners on their site or on our RND2 recommerce platform every single day!



At Tersus Solutions, we view recommerce as a circular shopping service. Our brand partners send in their returns to undergo inspection and determine the next course to get the garment back in action. Some of these garments come in well-loved. Others have simply run their stylish course and can no longer grace the racks of brand-name establishments. Either way, they’re readily accepted.

Next, those same garments receive some TLC. That falls to a dedicated team of repair experts and enthusiastic upcycling professionals.

Gear and apparel are attended to until they resemble their original quality standards once again. Once we’ve refurbished items to an acceptable resale level, they hit the market either on the brand’s recommerce site or on RND2’s online store. The beauty of recommerce as a service is its comprehensive nature. Reverse commerce is a strategy that promotes sustainable fashion practices. At Tersus, it all happens under one roof, making the production process efficient and friendly to the environment too. It’s a strategy that supports sustainable fashion practices.



A whopping 84% of all clothing ends up in landfills. A good portion of that bulk ends up in incinerators. These numbers are detrimental for the planet and the air we all breathe as well. At Tersus Solutions, we love recommerce for its role in giving garments a second chance at life. Any time the lifespan of clothing can be doubled or even tripled, it’s a win for fashion and the environment. Repairing a well-loved garment for a second go-around in a closet reduces the impact of textile waste on the earth. Restoring out-of-fashion garments into pieces that are loved once again reduces pollution stemming from incinerators across the nation and world.



There’s a financial benefit to recommerce as a service that consumers shouldn’t ignore. Investing in refurbished garments offers the potential of significant savings as compared to buying first-fashion pieces. Any time savings and sustainable fashion collide, it’s a good thing!



Taking sustainable textile practices to the next level is what we’re all about at Tersus Solutions. Whether we’re repairing clothing or designing an upcycled pieces to re-enter circulation, the goal of environmentally friendly fashion is always at the top of our to-do list.

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