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Go Eco-Friendly with This Direct-to-Consumer Cleaning Service

At Tersus Solutions, sustainable solutions aren’t just an option. They’re the reality we work with daily. Our team takes time to prioritize sustainable practices. In this way, we’re revolutionizing the textile industry one garment at a time. We’re constantly implementing new approaches to fashion and clothing that effectively close the loop in textile circularity. To date, we’re proud to have a full suite of sustainable services in place that keep garments out of landfills. These practices also keep garments in use for longer than producers and consumers initially thought possible. From sorting and repairing garments to upcycling and recycling fabrics—we pay attention to the details that make us more sustainable. Among the debranding, logistics, recommerce options we offer, Tersus Solutions also provides comprehensive direct-to-consumer cleaning services. With every cleaning, we’re elevating sustainable practices to new levels of excellence and efficiency!



When Tersus Solution gets garments for cleaning, the process is anything but traditional. Instead of wasting excessive amounts of water, we utilize a closed-loop cleaning process that uses recycled LC02. This practical and efficient system proves more successful at cleaning garments than water. It’s also a method that eliminates fiber and microplastic runoff from making its way into the water system as a contaminate. Our sustainable cleaning process is an active approach to cutting carbon emissions and cutting down on energy use over the long term. We proudly save nearly 400,000 gallons of water each year using this alternative method. Additionally, cleaning high value garments and gear with Tersus drastically extends the useful life of the item. That’s a win for the consumer we’re cleaning for and the environment, as well.



Our earth-friendly approach to cleaning garments is innovative, to say the least. However, getting clothes to us for cleaning is extremely simple!

Customers begin by creating a personal account right on our website. Once you set up your account, you can request cleaning at the touch of a button.

We send a shipping label, and customers send in the gear and garments they want us to clean. Once the Tersus Solutions team has handled the cleaning, we’ll send back the good-as-new garments directly to the customer.

Customers who partner with Tersus Solutions for direct cleaning services know they’ll get completely clean, sanitized, and deodorized garments. Our eco-friendly system produces clean clothes that will inevitably last longer.



At Tersus Solutions, we take a comprehensive approach to cleaning. Our direct-to-consumer cleaning service extends to a variety of garment and accessory types. The Tersus Solutions team regularly tackles everything from fleece vests and jackets to down-filled outdoor wear. So, whether you have parkas or multi-piece apparel, feel free to send them our way! Regardless of if it's a rain or ski shell that needs cleaning or hunting gear that’s worn and torn over time, we have the technology in place to handle it all. We can even accommodate cleaning requests for sleeping bags, down pillows, luxury handbags, and tents.



When it comes to sustainability, the details matter most. When you’re looking for a consumer cleaning service that cares about results and the environment, too, Tersus Solutions is here for you!

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