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LION Totalcare to Become First Fully Verified ISP to Offer CO2 Cleaning in Partnership with Tersus Solutions


First Responder PPE, Inc., the largest family-owned manufacturer of first responder protective equipment (PPE) in the United States and Tersus Solutions, founded in 2009 in Denver, CO, with the mission of creating world-class CO2 textile cleantech, have entered into a strategic partnership to open the first fully-verified Independent Service Provider (ISP) to offer CO2 Cleaning to the fire service from its Denver, CO facility with plans for expansion in the near future.

Beginning in November 2021, RedZone™ CO2 Cleaning powered by Tersus Solutions’ Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Contaminant Cleaning Technology will be exclusively available through LION TotalCare®, LION’s fully-verified ISP. The opening of this LION/Tersus facility marks the first fully-verified ISP in North America verified to meet all NFPA 1851 requirements around advanced cleaning, advanced inspections, gear repairs and now CO2 cleaning. CO2 cleaning technology raises the bar for first responder gear cleaning. Infrequent, conventional water-based cleaning of fire PPE is limited in its ability to remove a large percentage of carcinogenic contaminants that can become trapped in protective fabrics. Using RedZone™ CO2 Cleaning processes and equipment, more than 95% of carcinogenic poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and other contaminants are removed from gear in contrast to the 50% removal threshold that is specified in the current NFPA 1851 Standard using traditional water cleaning methods.

“Just as LION’s RedZone™ particulate blocking turnout gear set a new bar for particulate protection, we can now offer this breakthrough technology that offers unparalleled cleaning for all brands of turnout gear as well as other PPE such as hoods and gloves,” says Mark Smith, President of LION Americas. “LION is proud to offer another innovation to the fire service that goes well beyond the minimum standards that are currently in place.”

“We are proud to partner with LION TotalCare® to make effective cleaning more accessible to the fire service industry,” said Jake Jackson, CEO of Tersus Solutions. “In addition to keeping first responders safe, we are also excited to share how RedZone™ CO2 Cleaning can keep their gear fit for duty and in action for a longer period of time.”

For more information on RedZone™ CO2 Cleaning and this partnership, please visit the LION booth (#1322) at FDIC International in Indianapolis, IN, August 5-7.

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