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2 Reasons we picked ZDHC for our sustainable chemistry program


It’s that simple. The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals program has created a framework that is both ambitious – advances towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020 – and achievable – enables widespread adoption of sustainable chemistry and best practices.

At TERSUS, we implemented the Manufacturers Restricted Substance List (MRSL) guidelines for our chemistry program because we wanted to certify that we take responsibility for what goes in and comes out of the machine. The ZDHC program syncs with our goals and capabilities. Our core platform eliminates water use, and thus wastewater. But we still use chemistry to clean, coat, or restore textiles and apparel. We take ownership of the products we use in our technology and what happens to them when we're finished. This is part of the closed-loop thinking we put into our solution - from the hardware to the chemistry.

The ZDHC program offers us an ambitious roadmap to strive for, while granting us the flexibility to work with where we stand today. This means we can easily collaborate with our upstream chemical partners and downstream with our customers in simple and streamlined fashion. And there’s room to grow with ZDHC. In the future, TERSUS will make an impact on the next generation of “clean” standards, as we offer our closed-loop platform as strategy for chemicals management.

A (bonus) third reason for selecting ZDHC for our chemicals program: it’s championed by brands we admire for their innovation and environmental stewardship.

Now on to 2020 and beyond

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