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The Tersus Solution's Story

The Tersus Solutions Story

Our mission.

We are a technology and innovation company at heart. We challenge various industries to think differently about how they approach problems related to all types of textiles and fibers. Working with our partners, we can support a wide variety of needs by leveraging our proprietary CO2 platform that preserves water and electricity, sanitizes or sterilizes, captures contaminates and microfibers, and ultimately extends the life of textiles. We do all this while driving incremental profit for our partners.

We are here to solve the textile problems of today and of the future with technology of the future.

Our History

Our history.

Tersus Solutions was founded in 2009 in Denver, Colorado and along the way, we’ve learned many lessons about the power of good ideas, the importance of choosing great partners, maintaining lofty goals, and perseverance.


In 2018 when we launched our Cleaning-as-a-Service (CaaS) we brought our machine assembly and testing in-house, resulting in major new machine innovations, an increase in build quality, and reduced build times.


Since our founding, we have been at the forefront of innovation in the use of LCO2 and developing the adjacent technologies and processes for meaningfull deployment.


Our machines and processes are simply the most advanced in the world.




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Tersus Solutions was founded in 2009 in Denver, Colorado with a mission of building a better CO2 textile cleaning machine.

Partnered with Patagonia via an agreement to clean their customer's Encapsil jackets.

Pioneered the first decontamination process of firefighter gear in conjunction with the Belgian Federal Government

Broadened our suite of service offering by adding sorting, repair, upcycling, recycling, and rework to our platform.

Launched Cleaning as a Service (CaaS) for high-end brands and outdoor apparel companies. Including Patagonia (Worn Wear) and REI (RE/Supply)

The Renewal Workshop launches utilizing Tersus Solutions technology





Dedicated down recycling facility opened in original facility. Denver expansion with a third facility


Developed the first in the world down-specific CO2 cleaning process to wash raw down, in cooperation with Downlite

Awarded Fast Company's Most Innovative Company Down recycling launches with Patagonia Denver expansion with second facility



"Single SKU Resale Logistics" launches with The North Face. Renewed Lion Total Care launches "Red Zone" CO2 Decontamination for PPE powered by Tersus Solutions

Our team.

Peter Whitcomb
Steve Madsen
Shawn Christensen
Luke Fowlere
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Peter Whitcomb


Peter spent the 5 years prior to joining Tersus Solutions building circular business models across the retail sector, serving as Vice President of Growth and Partnerships at Trove, a white label resale software solutions provider for premium brands and retailers, including REI, Lululemon, Nordstrom, and Patagonia. While at Trove Peter oversaw the entire customer lifecycle and played a leading role in fundraising, helping the company to close a successful $77M Series D.

Prior to Trove, he was the Head of New Business Development and Circular Commerce at REI and built and led their rentals and recommerce businesses. He successfully grew the new division from one person to more than eighty five people. During his time at REI, Peter was also the Director of Enterprise Strategy. Before joining REI, Peter managed the cycling and action sports businesses at Amazon and held a variety of roles on Wall Street with both Citibank and AllianceBernstein, eventually helping build AllianceBernstein’s Hedge Fund and Private Equity Fund businesses.

Peter received his undergraduate degree from Colgate University, where he served as Captain of the Division One lacrosse team. Peter holds an MBA from UT McCombs School of Business. He enjoys all things outside and spending time with his wife Wallis and their daughter Grier and son Stone.

Steve Madsen

Co-Founder, CTO & Board Member

Steve Madsen has been working with Liquid CO2 and textiles since 2004 when he founded Revolution Cleaners in Denver with 4 partners. Steve soon became one of the go-to people for innovation and experience in CO2 textile processing. While a fan of the technology, Steve was not a fan of the first generation of machines. After failed efforts to work with the early machine manufacturers on machine improvements, Steve and his co-founder, Sheldon Bray, set out to build better machines. Tersus Solutions emerged from this effort.

Today, Tersus Solutions operates the largest CO2 laundry facility in the world, and manufactures the Tersus Solutions textile machines in the US.. Through R&D, Tersus Solutions has expanded into multiple markets. Steve's pioneering work on decontamination of Firefighter turnout gear with the Belgian Federal Government, and the Textile College at North Carolina State University is changing the way this gear is processed for the better worldwide. Methods developed by Tersus Solutions have also revolutionized down recycling, resulting in a superior down product, and massive energy and water savings. Steve and Sheldon have been the driving force in advancing the technology worldwide.

Chris Robbins

Senior Vice President, Technology

Chris has worked with textiles and CO2 since 2011 after he graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a mechanical engineering degree. He has tirelessly worked to make the CO2 equipment better and work across multiple applications. Those include cleaning for the apparel and gear industries, ballistic vest cleaning for the US Navy, raw wool and down processing, cleanroom laundry and firefighter turnout gear. Working alongside the CTO, he developed the world's first and best way to decontaminate firefighter turnout gear that has been exposed to Lithium.


Chris now focuses on the overall application of the CO2 technology within the textile space and ramping up new markets for Tersus Solutions. His current focus is the down recycling project branded as 2nd RND Down and working with our partner LION to expand the firefighter decontamination service. Outside of work, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids exploring the outdoors.

Shawn Christensen

Vice President, Operations

Shawn has been in Senior Management since 2000. He started working as a cargo handler at the airport in Phoenix AZ for FedEx Express in 1992 while attending Arizona State University In 2000, at 29 years old, he was the youngest employee to date promoted to a Senior Manager at a Fortune 100 company and managed multiple locations with 70+ employees. In 2005 Shawn transferred to Denver Colorado managing the largest station operation in the Midwest with 200+ employees. After leaving FedEx Express, Shawn started his own successful custom apparel company he built and sold. Shawn has also worked as a General Manager for the following companies, Xtend Outdoors, Office Depot and Gear re-Store

In 2018 Shawn moved his family on acreage and started a Horse Boarding company, which his family and he still run today. Shawn brings a long history of proven performance, results, and servant leadership to the team at Tersus Solutions

Luke Fowler

Director, Repairs, Upcycling & Partnerships

Luke has been working in soft goods design, repair, and manufacturing since 2014, and he now manages Tersus Solutions’ repair and upcycling department as well as onboarding new partners. Prior to starting Tersus Solutions’ in house sewing program in 2020 he was providing warranty repair services to over a dozen brands as well as the general public with one of Colorado’s oldest outdoor repair shops. Before that he spent two years designing and developing backpacks and tents for cottage gear companies on the Western Slope of Colorado, as well as managing their domestic production teams. 


Luke received his Bachelor's degree in Apparel Design from Oregon State University, and still designs clothing and bags in his spare time when he isn’t fixing them. 

Megan Alexander

Sales & Partnership Manager

Megan supports new and existing lines of business at Tersus Solutions as a Sales and Partnerships Manager. Over the years, Megan’s collaborative and methodical approach has enabled her to support clients in a variety of industries. Prior to joining Tersus, Megan worked at a project management software company where she guided some of the largest retailers in the world to properly leverage tools and develop processes to manage digital assets.


Before this, Megan worked at a media production company where she managed content for major television networks and intercollegiate athletic programs.

With a strong interest in locally made, long-lasting apparel, Megan founded a clothing company in 2019. Here, Megan led branding and business strategy. Outside of work, Megan enjoys traveling and spending time outside.

Our people set us apart.


We invest in our people.

  • Health, Dental, & Life Insurance

  • HSA Match

  • 401k Plan

  • Highly Competitive Hourly Wages + Quarterly Bonuses


We have created an accountable & results-driven culture, while ensuring we have fun.

  • Every team + person has a monthly goal for which they are rewarded if they hit

  • We have quarterly team parties

  • Top performers and key milestones are recognized


Our partners have direct access to our team.

  • Every partner has a partnership manager with whom they communicate regularly


Partnering with leading brands and retailers.

Be a part of the textile circularity movement.

Let us know how we can help.

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