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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Technology Platform

We Are Leaders in CO2 Applications.

The Tersus Solutions CO2 platform offers amazing capabilities - this is in large part due to the amazing nature of CO2. When pressurized, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) becomes a liquid (LCO2) and at even higher pressures become super-critical (scCO2). By leveraging these three phases of CO2, many processes once considered impossible can be achieved. However, due to the high pressures involved, the access to R&D is limited, so the applications are rare.

At Tersus Solutions we have found success using our platform to put Carbon Dioxide to work in many applications. R&D has been performed on many more use cases, and are in various stages of development. Many times just needing the right "go to market" partner.


Our R&D is different.

Our R&D is different. Most CO2 R&D is done on small "bench top" scale. With our existing platform available in various sizes we are able to perform tests at or closer to scale. Our many years of experience working with the medium gives us the ability to avoid challenges you would find in your first time harnessing the power of CO2.

At the heart of our platform is the abilty to recycle and purify CO2. The CO2 used is not created for the process but rather by-products of other industries. Our use of others waste gas funds the capture and prevents release into the environment.

See how it works

Past & current R&D projects.

The proven CO2 platform along with know how of the team at Tersus Solutions can develop completely new methods to approach traditional process, as well as open doors to those once thought impossible.

Raw Fiber Production

Beyond down and feather recycling, we have integrated CO2 into Wool production to eliminate water in the process from raw wool to a ready to use yarn. The process not only produced excellent results but created a quality lanolin oil by-product. 


For Hemp fiber production we developed a CO2 degumming process, and demonstrated a break down of the lignin to allow easy seperation of the fibers.

Coating Application

Successfully applied Durable Water Repellant using CO2 in the absence water and the high temperatures normally needed. This creates the ability to apply DWR after contruction or re-apply after use.

Medical Applications

Successfully achieved set cytotoxicity standards on medical implantables prior to sterilization

Removing mill oils & other contaminants on medical products including sutures and implantables

Our CO2 Platform's Major Milestones.




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Tersus Solutions was founded in 2009 in Denver, Colorado with a mission of building a better CO2 textile cleaning machine.

Developed CO2 process approved for Cleanroom Textiles

Pioneered the first decontamination process of firefighter gear in conjunction with the Belgian Federal Government

The North Face launches Renewed with Tersus Solutions with 100% of their secondhand items CO2 cleaned

Lion Total Care launches "Red Zone" CO2 Decontamination for PPE powered by Tersus Solutions






Developed the first in the world down-specific CO2 cleaning process to wash raw down, in cooperation with Downlite

The Renewal Workshop launches utilizing Tersus Solutions technology

Received a sterilization permit from IDFL for cleaning recycled down with CO2

No one has been tested more.




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CO2-Based Cleaning of Military Textiles for CEC & Navy
California Energy Commission & Department of the Navy. TERSUS Solutions Clean uses 30%+ less energy than conventional cleaning


CO2-Based Cleaning of Commercial Textiles
The World’s First CO2 Solution for Cleanroom Textiles. Prepared for the California Energy Commission. Surpassed water in both particle and bioburden removal

Testing with Belgian Federal Government & Initial Rentakil

Proved the ability to remove 95%+ of carcinogens from fire turnout gear



VF Corporation Factory Audit
Passed VF Corporation Factory Compliance Report

NC State University School of Textiles Dissertation on LCO2 Cleaning for Firefighting Gear + UL Testing
Highlights TERSUS Solutions Cleaning as the best way to clean fire gear & proved that the TERSUS Solutions CO2 Clean removes 98%+ of carcinogens from fire turnout gear. We met 1851 standards for turnout gear cleaning and surpassed all categories (bioburden, PAHs, heavy metals) relative to waterNC State University School of Textiles Dissertation on LCO2 Cleaning for Firefighting Gear + UL Testing

Mold Testing According to H&M Requirements & Ergobaby Aerobic Microbial Count
Passed both the sanitation and the mold tests. Microbial results were cleanroom viable


Partnering with leading brands and retailers.

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