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Down Recycling Solutions

We recycle and sell down from end-of-life garments, bedding, and gear.

Do you have down to be recycled?


Are you interested in buying GRS certified recycled down?

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A superior down recycling process and product.

“I am getting really positive feedback from my down stuffer. He says he is using less down to get the same fill level; he also reports it is easier and faster to fill because there are less clumps.”



Proprietary CO2 Cleaning Process


In-house Testing


Global Recycled Standard



How we do it.

In House Testing Capabilities

We have a range of in house testing capabilities that allow us to monitor the quality of the down through out the process. We use equipment and processes that are approved by IDFL (International Down and Feather Laboratory). These tests include:

  • Turbidity - Cleanliness

  • Oxygen - Cleanliness

  • Fill Power

  • Composition

  • Species

​Tersus also sends regular samples to IDFL for a full range of testing to ensure further quality .

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

Sterilization Permit

  • Certified through IDFL

  • Our recycled down is certified as responsibly recycled. 

  • We can trace the origin of the down from the post-consumer items to the next buyer. 

  • Our down is sorted by species, color, brand and loft.

  • Acquired for CO2 Process

  • Allows down to be shipped globally.


Down by the numbers


85% reduction of down loss using Tersus technology vs. conventional recycling methods


Improvement of down loft using Tersus technology

21,000 lbs

We have recycled over 21,000 lbs of post-consumer down, which could make up to 100,000 new down jackets.

Tersus Down Recycling Flow

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A Long History of Innovation in Down Recycling




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Our CO2 cleaning platform achieves equal cleanliness to water for down processing.


We clean our first down jacket in CO2--the Patagonia Encapsil jacket

Develop the first in the world down-specific CO2 cleaning machine to wash raw down, in partnership with Downlite



Secure additional premium suppliers and invest in our processes to support significant scale

Move into dedicated recycling facility in Denver to ramp up production. We are awarded the first sanitization certificate for cleaning down with CO2 by the IDFL.

Secure first major suppliers and buyers for our recycling down


GRS vs. RDS Certifications

RDS - Responsible Down Standard

The RDS certificate is relevant for down harvested off of the animal. Besides including no live plucking, the RDS standard addresses conditions for the bird from hatch to slaughter. This includes feeding, access to water, and the amount of space they have to live in. RDS is not applicable to our process.

GRS - Global Recycling Standard

The GRS Certification is for recycled materials, including down, and it a certification we have attained. We are unique in that we trace where the down we are recycling comes from. As an example, if we are processing white duck down from a certain brand’s products, that is all that we run in that batch. We are able to report that we processed 600 Brand X’s products and produced 400 lbs of white goose down.

We then report those numbers to the brand, as a verification of destruction, and to the buyer for traceability. We have no way of tracking which items were pre RDS, and which might be RDS. Since we are not in the production of raw down, and are only processing down from end of life garments, the RDS Certificate is not applicable. We are never handling a live bird.


Partnering with leading brands and retailers.

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