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Tersus’ Repair as a Service (RaaS)

At Tersus Solutions, we’ve been unwaveringly committed to keeping garments out of landfills since 2009. For us, it’s all about creating and sustaining a circular textile economy. We focus on the ways that we can continue to use fabrics and materials, giving them a second life.


We’re proud to offer our customers a full suite of sustainable services that work to achieve this goal. While sorting, cleaning, upcycling, re-commerce, logistics, debranding, and recycling are all an integral part of this important process, our repair as a service (RaaS) option is worth highlighting.



RaaS is a tangible way in which we support textile brands and consumers at Tersus Solutions. Whether garments are designed to be durable in the great outdoors or worn down the red carpet, we believe that there’s a way to restore materials to a like-new condition through meticulous repairs.

What does this mean for consumers? It means that they can enjoy a new outfit without trashing or incinerating materials that are still perfectly usable. In the world of textiles, a little TLC makes all the difference. RaaS is a simple way Bring life back into existing garments.

As we extend the life of the garments we repair, one piece at a time, we extend an olive branch to the environment, as well. Every piece of material that’s kept out of a landfill is a success. Every item that’s enhanced to be worn for years to come can keep incinerators off and toxic chemicals out of the air that we all breathe.

For the circular textile economy, RaaS is a win! Garments that come to us ripped, worn, or broken are able to be returned to a like-new condition. With our efforts, we prove that a circular textile economy isn’t only ideal—it’s completely manageable.

Instead of putting energy into transporting trashed garments to a landfill, our team puts energy into restoring materials so that they can last well into the future.



Sometimes, our approach to RaaS is simple. Other times, it requires some creative energy. At Tersus Solutions, our design team is more than willing to put in the work. Customers come to us with garments of all types, and we have the expertise to take on every piece that falls into our hands.

From jackets and pants to coats, dresses, shirts, and accessories, we take time to evaluate the damage before putting the necessary repairs in place.  We meticulously restore zippers and buttons, but we also take on more intricate stitching repairs, too.

Our RaaS options even extend to heat seal repair. Our expertise with this repair technique means that we can put multi-layer clothing items with at least one thermoplastic layer back in operation once again.

Whether we’re hand-stitching a vest into great shape or making sure that a jacket is just as good as new, we find that a little repair goes a long way when it comes to maintaining a circular textile economy. That’s an effort we’re endlessly proud to contribute to.

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